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Funzpoints Casino is an all-inclusive as well as advanced casino platform where you can gamble on your bets and win real money. Integrated with all the modern trends in the casino industry, Funzpoints Casino is a one-stop solution for you.



However, there are still some things like offers, bonuses, welcome rewards, mobile applications, etc., and other details you need to know before picking up this casino. One more thing that you need to know is that it is worth downloading and using. 

Therefore, in this write-up, you will get a detailed analysis of its functioning, and a review of whether you should go for it or not.

Know More About Funzpoints Casino

Especially among the gamblers of the USA, Funzpoints casino is quite popular. Thanks to the different bonuses and offers that they lay out for their users, people certainly enjoy placing their bets on this website. From welcome bonuses to other offers throughout the experience, you might get a heavy reward for each win.

Along with that, you can win free spins, countless free plays, credit bonuses, and much more. To survive the heavy competition in the US market, this platform always provides timely benefits for gamblers like you to attract them. 

Therefore, if you are an active gambler or a person who has a hobby of putting their money on a casino table in search of some heavy returns, Funzpoints Casino is a no-brainer.

Interesting Fact
Of all the social casinos in the United States, Funzpoints’ slot machines offer the best return to player percentage. Every game offered here has an RTP of 96.5 percent or over. 

Funzpoints Casino Login Guide

Now, if you have made your plan to get yourself started with the platform, here are the steps on how you can register or do the Funzpoints casino login yourself in a few clicks:

  1. Go to the official site of Funzpoints, and confirm the age eligibility.
  2. Click on the Register button.
  3. Fill in your personal details such as name, email address, date of birth, and your social security number.
  4. Now, choose your username and enter it in the required fields.
  5. Enter your password and then confirm it.
  6. It is now time to confirm your email address.

After completing these steps, you have made your account, and now you will finally be able to play different games and bet on your moves.

NOTE: Since money is deeply related in this platform along with some serious personal information such as your Social Security Number, you must confirm that you are above 18.

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What are Different Funzpoints Rewards and Rewards?

Interestingly, Funzpoints Casino login is filled with different rewards and bonuses. Thanks to those rewards and the Funzpoints casino real money feature, you can multiply your bet exponentially and withdraw them whenever you want:

  1. Welcome Bonus: Speaking of the big fish, Funzpoints offers a welcome bonus for their fresh users like you. In this bonus you get, a 1000 Funzpoints welcome bonus and a free wheel spin every three hours.
  2. Funzpoints Casino Holiday Bonus: Let us suppose that it is some major or minor holiday in the country. To let you celebrate that holiday to the fullest, this platform provides you a 3X bonus on every premium purchase from $9.99 to $19.99. Moreover, on Sunday Funzday, you get an additional $5 bonus.
  3. Funzpoints Daily $350 Sweepstakes Jackpot: Every day, a $350 reward is shared among 40 players. The split up of this bonus is as follows:
    1. Five $20 cash prizes
    2. 15 $10 cash prizes
    3. 20 $5 cash prizes

These were some of the major rewards and bonuses that you receive on the platform once you get to enjoy frequently as an active user. The website also allows you to convert those bonuses into real money with the Funzpoints Casino real money feature.

Along with these, there are still some features that are worth having a look at: 

Free No-Deposit Bonus$2.50
Purchase Bonus $20
Last Verified On September 2023

Funzpoints Casino Games

Funzpoints casino offers you several gaming options to choose from and their approach is unique compared to any other betting platform. It completely depends on your choice of the game, the platform shaped its interface to match the gaming condition. 

At Funzpoints casino login, you are offered two gaming options:

  • Standard
  • Premium

Each mode has its own game offering and comes with its own set of games

Kongo’s Adventure Warrior on Wheels
The Java Cafe The Big Drive 
Voyage of VikingsGame of Crowns
Bonbon CashCriminal Cash 
Enchantress LunaScatters in Space
Chase of 8s
Gold Rush Pete
Start your Engines
Buckarrow Bronco

The points of each mode are mentioned in your Funzwallet. This means you can play games, win rewards, keep track of your winning, and withdraw them with Funzpoints casino real money feature, at a single destination.

How to Withdraw Funds From Funzpoints Casino?

Once you have completed the Funzpoints casino login process and have a fun exciting amount of money on your bets, it is now time to redeem those funds. However, there are some things for you to know. You have to make an initial deposit of $4.99 and get them converted into points. Below is the point table given:

Amount deposited (In $)Standard mode points Premium mode points 

With this point table, here are some more details that you must keep in your mind:

  • You can choose either Visa or Mastercard to withdraw the Funzpoints casino real money.
  • The prizes get deposited into your wallet once you claim them.
  • The processing time is 12–24 hours.
  • The minimum amount that can be redeemed is $20 and the maximum amount is $2000.

With these details, you can get an idea of how to go with your game.

Is There Any Funzpoints Casino App?

Unfortunately, the answer to that question would be no. There is no Funzpoints casino mobile application on any platform (Google Play or App Store), for any device (Android or iOS). You have to visit their official website each time you want to make a bet on your money.

Though, the site is accessible through any web browser, be it Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Google, Safari, Opera, etc., and can be accessed on any device such as a computer, mobile phone, tablet, or laptop with an active internet connection.

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Pros and Cons of Funzpoints Casino

Welcome bonusNot for roulette or blackjack players
Free SpinsNo mobile application
No-deposit bonus
Smooth and interactive website
Offers daily prizes and rewards
Holiday bonuses

Funzpoints Casino Customer Support

In case of any inconvenience, you can reach out to their support team through Facebook and email. Unfortunately, there is no live chat or phone line available on their website to contact them. 

Your queries on Facebook can be replied in a few minutes, which is a good option for you. However, if you want to go a bit formal with them, you can send them an email at


In summary, Funzpoints Casino is a well-rounded and innovative gambling platform that is particularly well-liked by the American gaming community. Funzpoints attracts players with its bountiful perks and awards, which include an amazing 96.5% or higher Return to Player percentage on slot machines

There is a simple registration process, and the platform offers a variety of play modes, each with its own selection of exclusive games. Although the lack of a mobile app is a disadvantage, the platform makes up for it with a mobile-friendly website that works on different devices. For a flawless gaming experience, remember the deposit and withdrawal information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Funzpoints premium?

The premium mode of Funzpoints casino lets you enjoy all the features and games from the platforms to win exciting prizes.

Can I make real money on Funzpoints casino?

You can convert your winning amount into points and earn some real money by withdrawing the real funds.

Is Funzpoints casino legal?

Funzpoints is a legal and safe to use in all the states in the USA except for Washington. You just need to be 18 years or older.

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